The Growing Family: Latino Pet Ownership

Pet mamis and papis, listen up!

The United States of America is seeing a dramatic growth in pet ownership, particularly in the Latino market!

In fact, over the past decade, the number of Latino households with pets has grown from 11.4 million to just over 24 million and counting1!

Here are some interesting facts gathered by PackagedFacts!

  • More than 4 in 10 Latino pet owners are under the age of 35.
  • Latino pet owners are more likely to use social media to share their experiences with their pets than non-Hispanic pet owners.
  • Latino pet owners prefer dogs over cats and are more likely to own other types of pets like birds, fish, and reptiles. This group makes up one-third of all U.S. bird owners.
  • Latinos, combined with other multicultural groups, account for 65% of the total growth in pet ownership.
  • Globally, it is currently estimated that there are 187 million pets in Latin America, a 17% increase in the last 5 years2.

That’s a lot of growth for La Raza of pet owners!

Celebrating Our Pets!

We think that this is something that deserves a fiesta!

Our pets, big or small, feathers or fur, are a huge part of our families. They provide constant companionship, plenty of adventures, and fun memories. Fun Pet Group creates fun treats and toys that celebrate that special relationship.

All of our treats are made in the United States, rich with flavor and a Latin-inspired twist! Our own family is growing with the launch of our delicious dog treats featuring the irresistible PB Bombas TM, PB Bombitas TM, and PB Chicharrones TM!

Along with the launch of our dog treats, we also released Los Cojones TM (available in both small and large sizes) and the Perro Piñata TM (available in both small and large sizes).

Just hear what our happy customers are saying!

“My three pups LOVED the PB Bombitas and our Shiba Inu especially loved the light-up Los Cojones. It keeps her entertained for so long!” - Mel M.

“My dog liked the light-up Cojones so much he took it to bed with him!” - J.J.

More coming soon!

That’s right! We will be launching new collections for your fur babies, including something very special for Los Gatos in your life in the coming months.

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