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PB Bombitas

PB Bombitas

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The ultimate canine treat that will send your furry friend's tail wagging into overdrive! A scrumptious, square-shaped biscuit, baked to perfection with love and care.

The moment you pop open the bag, the alluring aroma of fresh peanut butter fills the air, sending your pup's senses into a frenzy. Their eyes light up, as they know what's coming – a delightful treat that's been designed specially for pups 50lbs and under!

Every bite of PB Bombitas is like a warm hug from you to your four-legged buddy. The creamy peanut butter flavor bursts on their taste buds, leaving them in a state of pure bliss. With each crunchy nibble, their happiness knows no bounds – it's the taste of sheer joy in every crumb!

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Why you'll love this

  • Made in the USA

  • Recyclable packaging

  • Compostable packaging

  • Dog approved