5 Fun and Creative Ways to Play with Your Dog!

Keep Your Dog Entertained with Fun Games that Activate Their Mind and Body with Delicious Dog Treats!

Nothing strengthens the bond with your dog more than playtime. What are some easy games to do at home? We’ve gathered five fun and creative games that include all the things your dog loves: treats and toys!

1. DIY Mental Game with Cardboard Tubes

Nothing is easier and more cost-effective than good DIY games that use items you would normally throw away! All you need is a shoebox and some paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls to set up this game.

Place each roll (they all should be the same height!) in the shoebox until the box is completely full. Then, take our PB BombasTM or PB BombitasTM and place them in the containers. Introduce your new DIY puzzle game to your dog and let the fun begin!

This game not only engages their minds but is also delicious!

2. Treat Towel Burrito

Here’s another great DIY option that uses a simple bath towel and doesn’t require much prep time!

Simply lay the towel on a flat surface. Scatter our PB Bombas, PB Bombitas, or PB ChicharronesTM on the towel. Roll up the towel to keep the treats in place. You can shape it into a ring or an “S” to increase the complexity for your dog.

Let them enjoy unrolling the towel and grabbing the dog treats!

3. Basic Obedience Training

It’s never a bad time to brush up on basic commands!

Practice simple commands at home using our sweet and savory treats! PB Chicharrones have less than ten calories per treat, making them a great choice for obedience training.

A great command to practice at home is “come”! A strong recall is very important in outdoor settings if your dog is off-leash. You can start working on this command indoors with minimal distractions, from different rooms.

4. Hide and Sniff

Dogs love to sniff, and nothing gets them moving and using their brains more than a good sniff and tracking game.

This one is super easy to set up! All you need to do is take one of our PB Bombas, PB Bombitas, or PB Chicharrones and spread them in different places around your home.

Once you’ve placed the dog treats, let your dog go and watch them enjoy finding each hidden reward!

5. Fetch!

Want to reward your dog with something more than treats? Toys make great rewards, and our Los CojonesTM is a fun dog toy that will give your dog the exercise they need.

In two different colors, the red cojone is for daytime play, while our yellow cojone lights up on impact for nighttime play. Now your dog can enjoy a good game of fetch anytime!

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